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We have gathered a collection of newspaper articles which discuss the water decline in Muriel Lake. We are currently trying to get online access to post links to these articles:

CBC News Interview May 30, 2014

Edmonton Sun Article

Muriel Lake News Coverage July 2012:

Ashley Foley, “Muriel Lake Water Level Cause for Concern,” Bonnyville Nouvelle (November 27, 2012). Muriel Lake in the Bonnyville Nouvelle!

CTV News Coverage of Muriel Lake, fall 2012: Muriel Lake on CTV News!

Conal Pierse, “Residents lament Sandy Swamp; Lake that was once a summary playground is ‘totally dying’,” Edmonton Journal (July 18, 2010).

Conal Pierse, “Summer village residents lament lake turning into a swamp,” Calgary Herald (July 19, 2010).

Jeff Hlewka, “Nothing to see here,” Edmonton Journal (May 13, 2009). 2009, Nothing to see here

Bernard Simon, “Alberta Struggles to Balance Water Needs and Oil,” New York Times,
(August 9, 2002) online at:

Andrew Nikiforuk, “Water fight: In drought-stricken rural Alberta, fighting-mad farmers like Don Bester are asking a provocative question: Why is Big Oil wasting so much fresh-water when there are good alternatives? Big Oil’s equally provocative answer: Because the province gives it as much as it wants-for free,” National Post (July 1, 2002).

Bryant Avery, “Mystery of the disappearing lake: Muriel Lake residents get help from U of A to find answers,” Edmonton Journal (February 5, 2002).

Dennis Hryciuk, “Shrinking waterways: Drought and heavy industries are draining Alberta’s lakes,” Edmonton Journal (July 18, 2001).

Ron E Cunningham, Environmental issues overlooked,” Edmonton Journal (March 7, 2001). 2001, Environmental issues overlooked

Dave Finlayson, “Imperial must deal with water issue, critics say: Cold Lake project haunted by ghosts of first expansion,” Edmonton Journal (February 21, 2001).

Dave Halliday, “Once-brimming lake dries up, as cabin owners watch helplessly: Long dry spell could be reason,” Edmonton Journal (May 28, 2000).

Don Thomas, “Farmer blames Esso for groundwater loss,” Edmonton Journal (October 20, 1993).

Marco Levytsky, “Suncore tests on recovery of oil may revolutionize exploration,” The Globe and Mail (May 10, 1982).

Timothy Pritchard, “Market Perspective Pacific Petroleums expects ’78 to be another outstanding year,” The Globe and Mail (April 1978).


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