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agm handout 2014

CBC News interview – May 30, 2014

Please mark your calendars:

    2ND ANNUAL FAMILY BBQ – JUNE 21st – SAVE THE DATE. This year’s BBQ will be at 1:00PM on June 21st in the cul de sac on Birch Road. Reminders will be posted around the lake early in June. Please plan to attend, it will be lots of fun.
    Our Annual General Meeting will be held on Sunday, July 13th, 2014 at 10:00AM at the Bonnyville Centennial Center. The turnout at the last AGM on July 14, 2013 was encouraging but slightly less than last year. The Directors of MLBMS have seen remarkable responses from the government for groups such as ours when they keep the pressure on and speak with a loud collective voice. It is important to continue to remind our elected officials that we are expecting them to help us find solutions to the huge issues Muriel Lake is facing. Numbers speak loudly to our government officials so please plan to attend our next AGM – 10:00AM on July 13th at the Bonnyville Centennial Centre

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Photographs: Do you have old or new pictures of the lake that you would like to share with us? Send them to savemuriellake@gmail.com and we will post them!

Thank you for your interest in Muriel Lake. We appreciate your patience while we get this site perfected.

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Happy Canada Day! Who spent the holidays at Muriel Lake? These photos are from the long weekend!

Check out how far back the lake has receded!

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Green Goo on Muriel Lake – photos from July 1st, 2012!

These photos are from the Canada Day long weekend. Has anyone ever seen this green goo this bad before? What is it?

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SAVE MURIEL LAKE bumper stickers available at the AGM!

The MLBMS Board recieved a great suggestion by one of our members that we get bumper stickers to spread our message to the public. We were so pleased with this creative idea that we have ordered SAVE MURIEL LAKE bumper stickers! They will be available at the AGM in Bonnyville on July 8, at 10:00am at the Centennial Center. Thanks to Tim for sharing a great idea with us!

Do you have an idea or suggestion for the Board? Bring them to us at the AGM or by email at savemuriellake@gmail.com
We love hearing from our membership!

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Members of the MLBMS Board will be handing out as many copies of this notice as possible at Muriel Lake over the next week. We hope to make it to yours! Please share news of the AGM with your friends, neighbours, and family. It is absolutely crucial at this time that we have as many concerned members as possile attend the Annual General Meeting on July 8th!

Important Notice

The Muriel Lake Basin Management Society is holding its third annual general meeting in the Bonnyville and District Centennial Centre, 4315 50 Avenue at 10:00AM on Sunday, July 8, 2012. Representatives from the province have agreed to attend, present their findings and answer questions from our members. It is our hope that if large numbers of residents and stakeholders attend this meeting, it will strengthen our message and convince those parties who may have played a role in affecting Muriel Lake to assist us with its recovery.

We invite everyone in your household to attend and help us find a solution to this problem. Please talk to your neighbours and urge them to be there as well. We cannot sit idly by while this once magnificent lake disappears.

Board of Directors
Muriel Lake Basin Management Society

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Minutes from May and June Meetings!

Our Board has been working hard on behalf of all residents at Muriel Lake and concerned citizens. Check out these minutes for our latest news and updates:

Minutes, May 15, 2012
Minutes, June 24, 2012

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Finally! Minutes from our meetings now updated!

For the most recent minutes uploaded to our site please click the links below:
Minutes, February 28, 2012
Minutes, March 27, 2012
Minutes, April 17, 2012
Under the “Board of Directors” tab you will find links to all of our meeting minutes.
Have a few spare moments? Read up on what we have been up to before you attend the AGM on July 8, 2012 at 10:00am at the Bonnyville Centennial Center! Look forward to seeing you there!

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Beautiful photos of Muriel Lake – thanks to Keith Justik-Ackerman

Thanks to Keith Keith Justik-Ackerman for sending these beautiful photos with some great feedback and questions to the Board. It’s always wonderful to find out that our members are accessing this site and finding it useful. Thanks so much Keith!

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GIVE US YOUR FEEDBACK – is this website useful?

Please fill out this form and give us your feeback – do you think this website is useful? What can be improved? Tell us!

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WOW – These photos really show how much Muriel Lake has declined

A big thank you to President of the MLBMS, Lyall Kortzman for sending us these photos. These two pictures were taken in the exact same please on the southeast sideo f the lake off Birch Road about one half mile from Millers Beach. The first photo was taken in 1998, and the second was taken in May of 2012:

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